Automatic Driving Lessons In Shirebrook

Learn How To Drive An Automatic Car
Learning to drive an automatic car in Shirebrook has never been easier! With no clutch pedal or gear lever to learn how to use, Sherwood Driving School can show you the ropes with these new types of car.

They are easy to drive, which reduces stress, and the learning process requires fewer lessons because of this simplicity.


Learn To Drive In Shirebrook

Learn The Automatic Way
More newer cars are becoming hybrid or electric, which means there has never been a better time to learn how to drive an automatic car. Aside from the environmental benefits, autos are a lot more fun to drive for people both young and old, and manufacturers are fast producing cooler models of autos than of manuals.

As with all our lessons, you can also learn how to drive automatic cars at your own pace.

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