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We are currently recruiting ADI’s: Earn £600 per week

Call us on 01623 622351 and ask for Jonathan to find out more

Working as a driving instructor with Sherwood Driving School means you will have a regular supply of new customers. We will help you work the hours you want to work and provide you with stability and job security. After expenses have been deducted you will earn £600 per week working 40 hours.

Join our team and you’ll have all the benefits of being self-employed PLUS the job security  we provide due to our long established and respected reputation.

Our current team of driving instructors have been with us for many years. In most cases each instructor has been with us over 10 years. This speaks for itself. Our franchise represents good value for money and our instructors appreciate the stability and security we provide.

Our weekly full time franchise fee is £90.

Our weekly part time franchise fee is £45.

The benefits of our franchise are:

  • A regular supply of new pupils to keep you busy.
  • We charge premium lesson prices. No cheap offers. This helps you earn a good living.
  • You work local to home so you don’t have to drive far to pick up your students. This saves you time, and reduces fuel costs and wear and tear overheads.
  • You benefit from our excellent online marketing. Our website is positioned at the top of page 1 on Google for local driving lesson searches.
  • No franchise fee paid for the first 4 weeks upon joining our franchise.
  • Franchise fee breaks due to sickness or adverse weather. If you are unable to work you don’t pay the franchise fee.
  • Sherwood Driving School is an established and respected local brand giving you instant recognition as a quality driving instructor.
  • You have the option to lease a car, or purchase your own tuition vehicle. Whichever option you prefer is fine with us.
  • Pupils pay you direct.
  • You have full control of your diary.
  • All stationary, progress charts and lesson diagrams supplied.
  • Free CPD training to help you develop your skills and abilities. This will be especially useful for the Standards Check. We regularly have group meetings giving our instructors the chance to learn new skills and exchange ideas.
  • Two weeks franchise free holiday period per year.

If you would like to explore our franchise opportunity further call 01623 622351 and ask for Jonathan