Lesson Options

Regular Weekly Lessons

Most people have a regular 1½ or 2 hour lesson each week. This is what we would recommend. If you have the time and can afford it then you could have 2 or 3 lessons each week. If you do this you’ll learn to drive much quicker.

Manual Tuition

Learn to drive a manual car; having a clutch pedal and gear lever.

Automatic Tuition

Learning to drive an automatic car is becoming very popular. In the future all cars will be electric powered and will all be automatic. So it’s a great choice to learn in an automatic car. Check out the Automatic Driving Lessons page

Male & Female Instructors

Our experienced team of driving instructors are very patient, friendly and relaxed and they will guide you through the driving syllabus with a structured and professional approach.

Theory Test Guidance

If you need any specific help studying for the theory test our instructors can give you theory test tutorial sessions.

Refresher Lessons

If you’ve already passed the driving test but haven’t driven for a while let us help you to start driving again. We’ll give you the confidence you need to be a safe and responsible driver.

Motorway Lessons

From 4th June 2018 learner drivers can practice driving on motorways under supervision with an ADI in a dual controlled car.