Automatic Driving Lessons

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Driving an automatic car is much easier than a manual car. There’s no clutch pedal and no gear lever. Try it and you’ll love it ♥♥♥

Automatic cars are very popular because they are easy and fun to drive. Learn in an automatic car and you’ll be very happy. It’s a great choice!!

Forget the stress of clutch control and gear changing

Save ££££’s… It’ll cost you less to learn to drive an automatic car compared to a manual car because you’ll need fewer lessons. It’s easier so you’ll pick it up quicker.

All cars will be automatic soon!! The government has announced that by 2030 all new cars MUST be electric and ALL electric cars are automatic. So it’s not necessary to learn in a manual car. Manual cars will soon be a relic of the past. Just because your friends and family might have learnt to drive a manual car years ago doesn’t mean you should. Look to the future, not to the past. Automatic cars are the future of driving.